Can pipes be cheaper
than cigarettes?

Cigarette-rolling machines with cigarette paper can save $36

When you don't need a cigarette

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Product Features


no matter in pockets, backpacks, or suitcases, can be easily accommodated

Value for money

The pursuit of cost-effective is one of our product philosophy, cheaper prices,better quality。

Ultimate Comfort

Comfortable smoke temperature, light taste,artisanal design, every step, only for the ultimate comfort

More efficient cooling

twisty made of high thermal conductivity material, increasing the contact area, faster heat dissipation

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Our products have no electronic system,effectively avoid explosion, fire, electric shock and other potential threats, more safe to carry.

User Distribution

Our products are mainly sold to North America, Australia, New Zealand and other regions, among which North America accounts for the highest proportion. Data shows that young users between 19 and 30 years old are growing the fastest, especially the male group.

Product Philosophy

We are committed to the design of more simple, more convenient,

more cheap products, whether novice users or old users,

can easily use, aiming to bring the ultimate comfortable experience

to more people, so that more people can enjoy our products


asked questions

Since I started using the pipe, my monthly smoking costs have been reduced and I save a significant amount of money each year that I can use for many things.
After using the pipe, I can use it at home as I like, and no longer have to worry about many safety issues, it makes me feel very relieved
After switching to using a pipe, my body is slowly getting better and it is healthier and friendlier to my body compared to cigarettes
I like this feeling, it brings me a new experience, makes me feel very cool, and it is very convenient, I can easily take it to many places