7P Mini3 Twisty Glass Pipe Blunt Combo

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Product description

7P Mini3 glass pipe kit adopts a small "OOO" mouthpiece with 9 uniformly sized air holes inside. That helps control airflow and effectively draws out the layers of smoke flavor, making the taste more delicate and soft. So you can get huge vapor and never miss out on all the flavors your herbs have to offer.

The screw in the middle cools down the vapor by extending the length of its path, giving the auger more time to absorb heat, contributing to a greatly cooler hit.

The glass tube can load up to 0.5g (0.018oz) of tobacco at a time, allowing you to smoke several times. You can put the silicone cap on, then it's a dry herb holder to keep your herbs fresh for easy carrying. When you smoke again, just unload the silicone cap and turn the copper tip to adjust the position of the dry herbs.

This 7P Mini3 pipe kit comes with a bubbler, which is designed to be perfectly connected with the glass blunt. You can add some water into the bubbler to cool down & purify the smoke for a clean and comfy puff experience.

The mini glass pipe kit will beat the rolling papers or other glass blunts due to its portability. It's an ideal choice for personal home vaping, parties, clubs, bars, outdoor gardens and a nice gift for your friends who would like to vape without stress.


How to use

1. Take off the silicone cap on the glass pipe.

2. Fill the glass tube with your dry herb.

3. Twist the screw counter-clockwise into the tube.

4. Light the end and puff.

5. Eject the ash by twisting the screw clockwise to push the fresh herbs to the end.

6. After the first session, place the silicone cap on the Twisty Glass Pipe to save your herb for the next puff session.

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*Portable design for easy carrying around.
*100% copper screw, safe to use. Premium quality, forever reusable.
*Mini version, can hold up to 0.018oz (/0.5g) dry herbs.
*Small "OOO" cone-shaped mouthpiece naturally fits your lips.
*High strength borosilicate glass tube, tough and durable, no worry of overheating.
*Cleaning tool, bubbler and bong adapter included. Can fits most of bongs / water pipes.
*Item size:0.60*3.43in
*Item weight:1.27oz
*Bubbler size: 1.46*4.9in
*Bubbler weight: 0.88oz
*Colors: Gold, Silver, Rainbow Color, Black, Rose Gold
*Dry herb capacity: 0.018oz
*Box size: 1.97*3.94*0.79in
*Box weight: 5.19oz
*1 x 7P Mini3 glass blunt
*1 x bubbler
*1 x cleaning stick
*1 x cleaning brush
*1 x O-ring
*1 x bong adapter

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